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Surplife APP

Surplife APP, supporting Wi-Fi+BLE and 2.4GHz, provides a more intelligent and user-friendly management for your lighting devices.

Features include automatic lighting control when leaving and returning home, sunrise and sunset modes, music synchronization, group control, sleep/wake functions, and more.

surplife APP
Surplife controller
Surplife Light bulb

Magic Home APP

Magic Home APP, Supporting Wi-Fi+BLE +2.4GHz, our green intelligent technology manages your home lighting system.

Features such as sunrise/sunset, music synchronization, group control, sleep wake-up, and more, provide you with a smarter lighting experience.

Magic Home App

HaoDeng APP

HaoDeng App
Magic Home App

Customize Your Exclusive APP

We provide in-depth product development to customize your branded logo, functions and other elements, delivering an exceptional product experience for end users.

With our custom APP services, you can:

  • Design a unique brand logo and interface that represents your company
  • Select specialized features and capabilities tailored to your product offering
  • Enhance UX and UI to boost engagement and satisfaction for your app’s users
  • Integrate complementary elements like weather, mapping, streaming and more to provide additional value

Our team diligently translates key business requirements into intuitive, user-friendly and visually appealing mobile app experiences. With a customized APP, you can differentiate your product, reinforce your brand image, target key demographics, generate awareness and boost profitability.

We handle the end-to-end design, development, launch and maintenance, so you can focus resources on your core business. Our experts will collaborate closely to define your app goals, ideal functions and audience, delivering an optimized mobile solution for showcasing your brand while meeting customers’ expectations.

Customize Your Own Branded APP

Apply for ISO Developer Accounts and Google Accounts

Launch on major app stores, with comprehensive store listing services. Simply provide the account name and we’ll handle the complex materials and tedious submission process, using the most effective way to quickly get your app approved.

Own Branded APP

Own Branded APP

Logo design and launch screen, uploaded to the client’s own developer account, allowing you to immediately own a branded APP. We build exclusive branded APPs for you, simply provide the APP name and style, our professional designers will create a brand logo for you, and upload it to your developer account, making your branded APP more professional.

App Store Launch

App Store Launch

Provide full app store launch services. Produce store listings, shorten upload times, activate app notification functions.

Simply provide basic info like APP name, description, distribution region, etc. We’ll handle the complex materials and tedious submission process, using the most effective way to quickly get your app approved by the app platforms.

Widget Shortcut Access

Widget Shortcut Access

Provide Widget access service for your OEM apps. Users can control devices directly from phone shortcuts without opening apps.

Widgets are mini programs that can be embedded in iPhone notification center or Android home screens. We can provide quick access points for your product. After access, users can quickly control bound devices and preset scenes directly from the phone home/notification screen for an optimized experience.

Siri Shortcut Access

Siri Shortcut Access

Quick access to Siri voice assistant, allowing users on iOS 12+ to execute preset smart scenes in the app via Siri voice commands. Siri is an intelligent voice control function. Users can trigger preset quick actions in your app by waking Siri and speaking voice commands to activate voice-controlled smart home scenes.

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