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What exactly is the case to use Bluetooth Mesh technology?

In the smart home field, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee (a short-range, low-power wireless communication technology) are the three mainstream transmission technologies currently on the market.

  • The advantages of Bluetooth are low power consumption and low cost, and it is highly customizable and has a relatively short development cycle.
  • Compared with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi can only access about 20 devices at most, although the connection distance is longer, otherwise, it will be disconnected frequently and not as stable as ZigBee.
  • The cost of ZigBee is higher and the development cycle is longer.

Therefore, the current market, a single product intelligent control to Wi-Fi technology, such as smart LED flood lights, smart light bulbs. Bedside lamps, such as these products at home will not be too many, three or four enough. But the home decoration process with the popularity of intelligent products, such as home decoration often occurs as follows, the living room needs to be equipped with at least 15 downlights, 4 spotlights, and an 8-head pendant lamp in the middle, plus the main lights in other rooms, almost need to match 30 intelligent devices, if these devices simply use Wi-Fi for connection, it is easy to lead to the collapse of the home router, ZigBee cost is too high. For this situation, Bluetooth Mesh technology will become a good choice.

Since the Bluetooth Technology Alliance announced the establishment of the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group in 2015, the standardization of Bluetooth Mesh technology has gradually been popularized and promoted globally. Bluetooth Mesh Networking is a new Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth LE) network topology for establishing many-to-many (many: many) device communications. It allows you to create large networks based on multiple devices, which can contain dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Bluetooth Mesh devices that can pass information to each other.

UFO LED Controller

Bluetooth Mesh is part of the Bluetooth 5 specification and is specifically optimized for transmitting small packets of data such as light dimming or switching commands, sensor information or device IDs.
In the Bluetooth Mesh light control solution, the Bluetooth Mesh chip needs to be built into the LED lights, and users can control anyone or group of lights in the Mesh network by connecting any of the LED lights in the Mesh network through their cell phones.

  • The Bluetooth switch can be used as a node to control the switch of all the lights in the Mesh network.
  • Set different scene modes.
  • Users can also control the Mesh LED lights in the mesh network, it can be controlled in groups.
  • The LED lights in the mesh network can be dimmed and colored.
  • Different scene modes can be set.
  • Timed switch and other operations.

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Bluetooth Mesh has five advantages

  • The biggest advantage is that Bluetooth Mesh can communicate directly with intelligent terminals without a gateway, which can make full use of the advantages of a good human-computer interaction experience.
  • Secondly, there is no gateway, low cost.
  • Thirdly, it is very easy to install, and the user experience is particularly good.
  • Fourthly, the low-power support capability is strong.
  • Fifthly, there is a strong networking capability, two-way can group 250 nodes, one-way can group 1000 nodes!

In a word, in smart home lighting, if it involves downlights, spotlights, bulbs such as the need for bulk equipment into the network, the choice of Bluetooth Mesh products can be described as the ultimate choice of cost-effective and easy to operate.

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