What is An Addressable LED Strip

What is An Addressable LED Strip

I am afraid that no one can give a perfect answer to what is the best LED strip. A perfect LED strip needs to be considered from different aspects, and different light strips have different functions and usage. This article introduces addressable LED strip to have a better understanding of this strip.

What is an Addressable LED Strip?

Addressable LED strip are powerful LED strips with a unique structure that allows you to control a single LED or multiple LEDs to create different effects when connected to a LED strip controller. Change the color, brightness, time, etc., of multiple effects through the APP.

LED strips are a very flexible lighting fixture that can be installed anywhere and can be cut at will according to the use of the scene. LED strips are the best choice for dynamic lighting solutions. They offer a wide range of color options and do not require special maintenance.

Addressable LED strip lights raise the standard of strip lights to a whole new level, offering more control options and unique lighting effects to make the whole scenario even better. Each LED bead in the addressable LED strips is addressable, controlled by one IC and has a built-in driver. Such a product structure, so that each LED brightness and color are different, you can make each LED color and the next different, suitable for displaying animation and other dynamic display of lighting effects.

According to the connection transformer, addressable LED strips are divided into 5V and 12V and are available in 30LEDs/m, 48LEDs/m, 60LEDs/m, and 144LEDs/m, all with their advantages.

addressable LED strip lights

Individually Addressable LED Strips Categories

Addressable are RGB, RGBW, RGBWW and other types of lamp beads with IC chips; commonly used IC models are WS2811, WS2812b, SK6812, SM16703, WS16704, UCS1903, etc. Each LED has an IC chip, and each LED can change color and brightness in the whole strip.

IC of WS2811

IC chip is a set of control circuits, and light-emitting circuits in one intelligent external control LED light source. Its appearance and 5050 LED lamp beads are the same. It realizes single point control, adopts the most widely used single line zeroing code communication protocol, series signal design, mounted on FPCB version, low voltage DC power supply, environmental protection and energy-saving, high brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency and super long life etc. The addressable LED Strips lights can achieve a variety of light-emitting colors and brilliant colors.

What Components Do You Need To Use Addressable LED Strip

A complete, working Addressable light bar set is composed of the following accessories:

Addressable LED strip

Transformer (DC power supply)

Addressable led strip controller

Arduino Programming

Arduino is an electrical prototyping platform that can be used as an addressable LED controller. Using Arduino programming to operate addressable LED lights strip requires the installation of libraries and then an Arduino panel with commands for transmitting signals to addressable LED light strips. It is a bit difficult for the average user.

Addressable LED Strip Controller

The market’s addressable light strip can all be controlled by Pixel LED controller / addressable light strip controllers. The LED strip controller has a built-in WIFI and Bluetooth module, which supports both WIFI and Bluetooth connections and is controlled via APP/Amazon Alexa/ Google Home/ IFTTT. It has various functions, including timing/music/color and other control technologies.

Illumination in the home: one LED strip controller controls one LED strip, plug and play, no programming required, hundreds of built-in dynamic modes. It is suitable for home, office, restaurant and so on.

Commercial lighting: one LED strip controller controls several LED strips using SD digital LED controller

Industrial lighting: one-to-many, DMX signal conversion. Display lighting effects by DMX console control DMX SPI decoder different positions of ADDITIONAL light strips.


Addressable LED strip are powerful and offer you innovative possibilities that are unparalleled. We are the manufacturer of Addressable LED strip that can implement and light up your lighting projects.

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