How to control your LED strip with Surplife APP

How to control your LED strip with Surplife APP

Home automation and smart lighting are becoming increasingly popular ways to add convenience and aesthetic appeal to any space. One easy way to incorporate customizable, app-controlled lighting into your home is with Surplife’s LED strip controllers. These clever devices allow you to connect LED light strips to your smartphone or tablet via Wifi or Bluetooth, giving you wireless control over your lighting from anywhere.

surplife APP

The Surplife app, available for both iOS and Android, provides an intuitive interface that makes it simple to adjust the color, brightness, and effects of your LED strips. Whether you want to create the perfect ambiance for a dinner party or add some colorful accent lighting to your living room, the Surplife app puts you in complete control. With just a few taps, you can choose from over 16 million colors to match any mood or decor.

Built-in modes like “Pulse” and “Fade” animate your lights, while schedules and timers allow your lighting to turn on and off automatically. Surplife’s LED controllers work with any 12V or 24V LED strip lights and handle up to 6 amps, enough for long runs of lighting. With easy installation and effortless app control, Surplife’s smart LED controllers offer an affordable way to add advanced lighting effects to your home. So ditch the manual switch and enjoy the limitless possibilities of app-controlled, customizable LEDs.

Take control of your LED strip with ease using the Surplife app. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get the most out of the Surplife app to customize, automate, and control your LED strips seamlessly. Learn how simple it is to change colors, set scenes, schedules, and timers so you can create the perfect lighting ambiance for any mood or activity. With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll be able to dim, brighten, and program impressive dynamic effects. Follow these tips and unleash the full potential of your app-connected LED strips. The Surplife app provides effortless wireless control to enhance your LED strip in ways you never thought possible.

Surplife APP Setting

  • Within the settings menu, you can configure the IC model, color correction, and number of points (up to 300 per segment, with a total limit of 2048 LEDs).
  • The IC number setting applies to the smearing effect functionality.

Surplife APP Setting

Detailed introduction of Surplife APP functions

1. Multi-Color Functionality

The Surplife app allows you to adjust the color of the entire LED strip or individual segments. The Surplife app features various color selection and editing modes, with adjustable brightness controls. In the segmentation interface, you can freely smear or erase the color of each segment, as well as create gradient effects. This gives you complete control to customize the color scheme across your LED strip.

surplife App function

2. Scene settings

There are Four Built-in scenes:” Life”, “Scenery”, “Festivals”, and “Mood”, and click “DIY” or “Collection” to create your favorite light effect.

Surplife Scene settings

3. Playlist mode

The Surplife app has multiple dynamic light modes that can be customized. Users can set the timing of each lighting effect and put them in cycle mode to continuously loop through the sequence. Different scene modes with various lighting effects can be selected, with the duration of each scene set individually. By combining different modes and effects in a customized sequence, unique dynamic lighting displays can be created.

surplife Playlist mode

4. Smear function

Tap the “+” button to customize the strip lighting colors and dynamic effects, then save your creation.

Before customizing, go to “Settings” and set the number of ICs to match the number of lights on your device. This ensures the lighting effects will display properly.

Make sure the IC number set in the Surplife app settings matches the number of lights on your device. Otherwise, the customized lighting effect will not display correctly.

surplife app Smear function

5. Music Mode

Synchronization function of lighting and music rhythm.

Click “Add Music” >lmport a music file or import it from the built-in music library

surplife app Music Mode

6. MIC

The strip light colors will change and sync to the rhythm of sounds picked up by your phone’s microphone. You can adjust the microphone’s sensitivity using the slider in the Surplife app.

There are two ways to input audio signals to control the lights – through the built-in microphone in the app or with an external microphone (for the sound control version). The lights will dance and change based on the sounds captured from either microphone.

surplife app mic

7. Light timer

Smart lights automatically come on and off at given times through the timer function, choose your favorite effect and color then save it.

strip lights timer

8. Group Control

This mode allows you to create different groups to control more than one controller at the same time.

group control

9. Link

Setting a group for the strip lights, enjoy the linkage lighting effect. Hold and drag the device on the list to change the order and the direction.

①The grouped light strips synchronized Linkage

②The grouped light strips change sequentially

Surplife app group function


  • Use this product in a dry environment only.
  • For input voltage, only connect a DC voltage within the specified range stated in the manual. Do not connect directly to 220VAC.
  • This product requires a common anode connection. Connecting incorrectly will cause it to malfunction.


The Surplife app unlocks the full potential of your light strips by providing customizable control and dynamic effects. With Surplife’s intelligent features, you can easily tailor dynamic lighting displays to match your taste. Follow the guidance for proper setup and make full use of the app’s controls to enjoy a more immersive lighting experience. The Surplife app delivers an intelligent way to customize your LED lights and enjoy the benefits of automation.


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