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Surplife LED Controller, 12V Surplife WiFi LED Controller,Surplife Pixel Controller for Permanent Outdoor Lights and LED Strip Lights

Domination Principle: WiFi/BLE/2.4G

Operation Platform:  Android 7.0/IOS 12.0 or higher

APP: Surplife

Supported Driver IC: WS2812B, SM16703, SM16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, INK1003, UCS2904B

Work for: Permanent outdoor lights, permanent holiday lights, LED strip lights, christmas lights, or other constant voltage lights

Surplife LED Controller Features

High-quality WIFI/Bluetooth Surplfe LED controller, capable of connecting via WIFI or Bluetooth, and also offers individual control through a remote controller.

The Surplife LED controller is equipped with advanced WIFI and Bluetooth modules, guaranteeing effortless device connectivity through Bluetooth, especially useful when WIFI is unavailable, thus offering seamless user experience.

Surplife LED controller offers a multitude of control options, designed to work seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows for simple yet powerful voice control over color, brightness, dynamic scenes, and lighting modes.

Control LED light strips via Surplife app, with group control functionality allowing one group to manage 6-8 devices.

Surplife controller compatible with LED strips, enables voice control through smart voice devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It allows for hands-free operation to turn lights on or off and change colors. This controller uses a Wi-Fi connection for easy installation and is compatible with mainstream voice assistants. Users can effortlessly control indoor and outdoor ambient lighting anytime, anywhere through voice commands, facilitating seamless smart home control. This frees up hands and meets personalized needs.

Surplife LED Controller Specification

  • Input Voltage : DC(12-24) V / DC 5V
  • Working Temperature: -20~+55℃
  • Control Distance: 40M
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
  • Port: 1 port / 2 ports

Surplife controller install

Surplife APP control

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