Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

6 Things That You Need to Know About Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

What are Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights?

You can turn a normal strip light into a smart WiFi LED strip light in one step by connecting it to a LED controller.

Smart WiFi LED strip lights can be connected to your smartphone and switch between 16 million different colors. The difference with the ordinary light strip is that a regular light strip uses LED light, can only choose a color, while connected to the LED controller, smart color-changing LED strip lights can change colors at will.

Smart WiFi LED strip lights are equipped with more humane features. Mini LED strip controller with a built-in microphone and music processing chip can analyze and process the rhythm of the currently playing music, and then through different color combinations and flashing to match the rhythm of the current theme. This function is convenient for parties, celebrations, and dances.

Smart WiFi LED strip lights can also be used as an alarm clock in the smartphone APP to set the time of day the light is automatically on; then every morning, the soft light will wake you up!

What can you do with your Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

.Adjustable brightness and darkness

The basic function of the smart RGB LED strip lights is that you can adjust the light level through the APP and so on, with no need to install dimmers.

. Remote control smart RGB LED lights strip anytime, anywhere by your smartphone

When you are not at home, you can use the switch lights to simulate someone at home to deter thieves and other criminals. You can also use the function to turn off the lights strip in your home in time to achieve energy savings. Finally, integrating the light strips installed in different rooms of your home to control them on one app and switching them on and off with one click can also save time.

Alexa LED light strip

Change the color of smart color-changing light strip

Using light to create an atmosphere, intelligent light strips are preferred. After connecting the LED WiFi controller, the strip lights can be adjusted to 1.6 million colors. Through the smartphone APP, choose any one of your favorite colors, but also send voice commands to Alexa or Google Home. 

The following different colors of lights represent different moods for users to refer to use.

. If you want to make the room feel warmer, then use warm white.

. If you want to make the room cooler, use the cool white.

. When holding a party, you can set different theme lights according to the theme.

. You can turn the lights to red and green at Christmas time with the Christmas atmosphere.

. The lights strip is attached to the foot of the wall. If you want to replace the wall color without painting, adjust the ratio of blue, yellow, and red three colors can be synthesized in any wall color.

Smart led lights with music sync

Smart LED Strip Controller has a built-in microphone and music processing chip. You can download songs from the Internet and play them under the APP, thus replacing the traditional speaker and expanding the distribution of speakers to every room, every corner. Wherever users are, they can enjoy music.

Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

Best smart LED strip lights for bedroom

Smart light strips emit different color temperatures light can regulate the production of human melatonin. The daytime can use specific light to inhibit melatonin production, make users work more efficiently during the day, and at night to promote the production of the hormone to help better sleep.

Can Alexa control Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights?

Yes. First of all, ordinary light strips can not achieve this function, and you must be connected to the smart LED strip controller to use Alexa’s voice function to turn on or off the light strip. In addition, you can also send voice commands to allow Alexa to adjust the color, brightness, etc., according to your requirements.

Alexa LED controller

What’s kinds of LED light strips work with Alexa?

Most of the LED strips available in the market can be controlled by Alexa, such as 2835 LED light strips, 5050 LED light strips, and so on. But the main point is that these LED lights stirp have to connect to a LED strip controller. In simple terms, the strip lights can be turned into smart light strips only through the LED WiFi controller, all the smart chips and modules are integrated into the LED RGB controller, and the strip lights are still ordinary light strips.

How long do smart WiFi LED strip lights last?

Although smart strip lights have many more functions than ordinary strip lights, this does not affect their service life. The same can reach 50000 hours. Since the LED light tape can be controlled by a smartphone, the energy-saving aspect is even better.

The LED light tape uses LED chips, and in the case of equal brightness, LEDs save 90% of the power compared to traditional light sources, which means you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Are Tiktok LED lights strip safe?

Low voltage LED light strip, also known as DC light strip, works at 12V DC, a safe voltage, and can be used in various applications without danger. The 12V led light strip can be used by installing a matching power supply.

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