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How to Set Smart Lights to Automatically Turn On When Coming Home in The Surplife App

The moment we open the door, the smart lights automatically light up slowly in turn tuned to your favorite light.

The moment we close the door, my home will automatically turn off all the lights.

Do you know how to create coming home or leaving home in surplife APP?

Set your smart lights to turn on automatically when you near your house.

In our increasingly busy world, accessing smart home conveniences like automatic lighting through app controls saves time while adding peace of mind. The ability to have your home responsively activate or switch off illumination precisely when residents come or go eliminates wasted energy from lights left accidentally burning. Surplife’s flexible location-based automation programming turns houses into intelligent environments that mirror homeowners’ movements and lifestyles.

The key to seamless triggers relies on network-connected smart devices with advanced recognition capacities. By combining your phone’s background GPS with registered smart light bulbs and fixtures, Surplife can activate pre-programmed lighting sequences only when you approach or exit predefined home perimeters.

Setting up these invaluable automations requires only basic app navigation. Start by assigning a new automation rule triggered by either “Coming Home” or “Leaving Home” events. Surplife will first prompt permission to access your devices’ existing location data for reliable geofencing. Enable continuous background collection of this phone GPS information so detection remains dependable even when the app isn’t directly opened.

With your home’s boundaries set, the major convenience comes from attaching desired lighting actions to these entry and departure triggers. Arriving back after work or an evening out can quickly enable pathway illumination the moment you unlock the front door. Have LED color strips or smart light bulbs activate in customized colors and dimming levels to match a welcoming mood.

Reciprocally, exiting automation can completely power down all unnecessary lights as soon as that last resident locks up on their way out – avoiding wasted energy from illumination left on. With one tap, additional sensors like smart locks can trigger cameras, thermostats and more based on the home shift to unoccupied status.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app and tap “Create Smart” or the “+” button. Select “Coming home” or “Leaving home”.
  1. Enable your home location. Go to Home Settings > Location Settings and set your home location.
  1. Allow location access for your phone. Tap “+ add this phone”.
  1. Select when the automation should activate – “Always” or “Night only”.
  1. Choose which devices or scenes you want to control.
  1. If adding devices:
    Select each device.
    Set the on/off, color, etc.
    Optional: Set delay, duration, or apply settings to similar devices.
  1. Tap Save and then Finish. The automation will now run automatically when arriving or leaving home based on your settings.

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