WiF Wireless Controller

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LED light Controller is a smart WiFi LED controller that connects to LED strip lights. The LED light Controller can control the change of light strip locally or remotely through a smartphone, or tablet PC to realize the controller of color lighting of the strip lights. With LED light controller App, you can easily adjust the color, light, and dark of the light so that the color you wish supports RGB 16 million color adjustment. Moreover, it can be connected to various voice settings to achieve voice control of the LED strip lights, making LED lighting more lightweight, intelligent, networked, and humanized.

WiF Wireless Controller
WiF Wireless Controller

How do the LED light Controller work

LED light controllers have emerged as a groundbreaking technological advancement, transforming the landscape of lighting in both residential and commercial spaces. By leveraging 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, these controllers ensure seamless and reliable communication with LED strip lights, offering unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Particularly designed for 12V/24V LED strip lights, renowned for their energy efficiency and versatility, LED light controllers provide an array of benefits that make them a preferred choice for modern lighting solutions.

One of the most notable advantages of LED light controllers is their flexibility and easy installation process. Unlike traditional lighting systems that often demand extensive rewiring or modifications to the existing electrical setup, LED light controllers seamlessly integrate into your current configuration without significant alterations. Simply connect the controller to a DC power supply and the LED strip lights, and you’re good to go. This streamlined installation process makes LED light controllers an ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade their lighting systems without the complexities and costs associated with complete overhauls.

Another standout feature of LED light controllers is their built-in WiFi module, a cutting-edge addition that enables connectivity to the internet and facilitates communication with a cloud system. Through a smartphone application, users can effortlessly transmit commands to the cloud system, which are then relayed to the LED light controller. This ingenious functionality empowers you to control your LED strip lights from anywhere, at any time, using only your smartphone. Whether you wish to adjust brightness levels, alter colors, or even program customized lighting schedules, these tasks can be accomplished with just a few taps on your mobile device.

To summarize, LED light controllers provide a convenient and adaptable solution for managing LED strip lights. By virtue of their wireless technology, simple installation process, and smartphone compatibility, they offer a user-friendly and efficient approach to lighting control. Whether you seek to enhance the ambiance of your home or elevate the lighting standards in your business premises, an LED light controller presents itself as the perfect solution. Embrace this innovative technology and revolutionize your lighting experience today.

What is the function of an LED light Controller?

Centralized control and multi-point operation function

The LED strip controller connects to strip lights, the LED light controller App in any one place can control the strip in different areas, or the LED light controller App in other areas can control the same LED strip lights. In addition, each LED light Controller can be independently connected to the Internet via WiFi to realize smartphone APP control.

Soft-start function

When the strip light is turned on, the light gradually becomes brighter from the dark. When the light is turned off, the light slowly changes from bright to dark, avoiding the sudden change of brightness to stimulate the human eyes and giving them a buffer to protect them. And to prevent the sudden change of high current and high-temperature impact on the filament, to protect the strip, and extend the service life. You can control the control of the strip light independently, group control, smartphone APP intelligent control, etc.

All-on, all-off, and memory function

The LED light strip of the whole lighting system can realize the function of one button and one button all off. Before going to sleep or leaving home, press the all-off button, and all the lighting devices will be turned off

Timer control function

The schedule management module allows you to define the timer for the strip lights to be turned on and off. For example, at 7:00 a.m. every morning, the bedroom lights are slowly turned on to a suitable brightness; late at night, all lights are automatically turned off

Scene setting

There is no need to turn on and off the LED strip lights and dim them one by one for fixed mode scenes, only one-time programming; you can press one key to control a group of lights; this is the scene-setting function. Just one touch operation can realize the conversion of multiple lighting scenes; you can also get the desired combination of lighting and electrical scenes, LED light controller App to adjust various modes.

What’s the difference between RGB LED Controller and RGBW LED Controller

RGB color mode is a color standard in the industry, which is used to get various colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them on each other.

  1. RGB is the color representing the red, green, and blue channels. This standard includes almost all the colors that human eyesight can perceive and is one of the most widely used color systems. An RGB color value specifies the relative brightness of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, generating a specific color for display. RGB light strips must match the RGB LED controller for use and cannot be used with the RGBW LED Controller because the RGBW controller is targeted for use with RGBW light strips.
  2. The difference between RGBW and RGB is that RGBW is a four-color pixel design with white sub-pixels added to RGB. RGBW strip light can only be used with an RGBW LED light controller. Therefore, when purchasing an RGBW LED light controller, you must know the color of the strip light you are using to use it with the correct LED controller.

Why is my LED light Controller not working?

  1. check if the strip light you are using is RGBW; RGBW LED strip light is required to use RGBW LED strip controller to match.
  2. Check the power supply of the strip light is connected correctly and the power of the transformer matches the strip light.
  3. Check the connection between the LED strip light and RGBW LED controller is as shown below. The strip light can’t be controlled if the connection is wrong.
LED light controller

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