what is a bluetooth LED Controller?

What is a Bluetooth LED Controller?

Bluetooth LED controller is a smart accessory developed based on Bluetooth technology. First, we should learn about Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology is a global wireless communication standard that connects devices within a certain distance. Currently, Bluetooth technology has also been applied to various fields and has become the main technology to access the Internet of Things (IOT).

Bluetooth technology does not only connect devices wirelessly but also connects door locks, lights, TVs, toys, car electronics, medical devices, sports equipment, and almost everything else imaginable to Bluetooth. The latest application is the experience in the sharing economy, such as sharing bicycles, etc. The future applications of Bluetooth technology will be able to expand without borders as the developers’ imagination.

Bluetooth technology features

Bluetooth technology benefits from its smart, low power consumption, high connection speed, and other characteristics, in the Internet of Things market, which has shown explosive growth.

1. Bluetooth technology is ubiquitous

The popularity of Bluetooth technology in smartphones is expected to cover 98% of the world’s cell phones by 2022.

2. Low power consumption, such as Bluetooth RGB LED controller

With the advent of low-power Bluetooth technology (BLE), developers can able to develop small sensors that can run for months or even years with just a small coin cell battery. This lays the foundation for Bluetooth technology to become one of the mainstream technologies for the Internet of Things.

3. Easy to adopt

For developers, developing Bluetooth products is simply based on the core specifications, and then adding the configuration files and custom services layer by layer. For consumers is even easier, just go into the settings, turn on Bluetooth, or pair or just wait to start communication.

4. Low application cost

The cost of adding Bluetooth technology is low. Based on the above advantages, the intelligent Bluetooth LED light strip controller in the use of lighting is more promising.

What is Bluetooth LED Controller

Bluetooth LED Controller is a popular choice for wireless control of the latest indoor and outdoor LED lights. With Bluetooth connectivity in every smartphone and tablet, a ready-to-use interface provides users with easy setup and control of the fixture.

LED light Bluetooth controller with built-in Bluetooth control module supports two-way, three-way, four-way, and five-way light strip control, compatible with low power Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) protocol to control LED strip light at will via smartphone with low voltage, low power consumption, low standby current, strong signal, and fast wake-up.
Bluetooth LED Controller controlled by smart phone

The role of Bluetooth LED Controller

1. wireless switch function, smartphone intelligent control

Bluetooth controller for led lights, like traditional lighting fixtures, the “on” and “off” function is the most basic function of lighting, using the smartphone APP is not only control one of the lights alone but also control multiple lights and all lights at the same time.

2. Change with the mood, intelligent color mixing

Through Bluetooth communication, control the color and color-changing effect of RGB LED strip lights from a free Bluetooth LED controller App on your smartphone or tablet.
Low power consumption Bluetooth LED light is the most characteristic function is 16 million kinds of color intelligent adjustment function, such as Chasing, Twinkle, Sequential, Slow fade, Flash, In wave, etc.

3. Timing on and off function

4. Light dance with music

The light can be changed or jump with the rhythm of the music after connecting the RGB LED strip Bluetooth controller, support for smartphones built-in SD card, and smartphone local music.

5. Support one-to-many, multi-pair multi-function

A smartphone can be connected to multiple RGBW Bluetooth controllers at the same time.

6. Best Bluetooth RGB controller benefits from Bluetooth technology

It can be used normally without a network, commonly used in yachts, cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. RGB and RGBW light strips.

7. When you hold outdoor parties, weddings, and other occasions, an LED mobile phone Bluetooth controller is the best choice, through the combination of light and music, to create your romantic atmosphere.

8. Magic Home Bluetooth LED controller supports English/Japanese/German multi-language switching with the matching Bluetooth LED controller App.
bluetooth led controller connect to led strip lights

Bluetooth occupies a pivotal position in the field of short-range wireless communication. Low power Bluetooth has the advantages of intelligent connection; low current consumption in peak current/average current and idle mode, and low cost. Most of the smartphones are embedded with low-power Bluetooth, which is easy to use, popular. Therefore, the lighting control based on BLE Bluetooth is also gradually becoming popular in the market.

How to choose a Bluetooth LED controller

Bluetooth mesh controllers can be used for 12V and 24V light stirp lights, not 120V, when you select 12V/24V Bluetooth LED controller, according to the use of scenarios to select.

1. Most of the cars, yachts, RVs, can choose a 12V LED light Bluetooth controller and 12V light strip because most of the cars are equipped with a 12V battery.

2. It should be noted that the choice of 24V Mini Bluetooth LED controller in addition to matching 24V light strip, the power supply also needs to be 24V. if the 24V power supply is connected to the 12V light bar, the light bar may be damaged or shorten the service life of the light bar due to the voltage is too high.

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