What are the advantages of Bluetooth?

What are the advantages of Bluetooth?

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the comfort, safety, and convenience of their living environment. The smart home system that has emerged in recent years meets this demand. It effectively sets up a home information network in the home environment, combines various home appliances into an organic whole, carries out centralized or off-site intelligent control and management of home appliances, and can exchange information with the outside world.

As wired communication wiring is too much, the way is complicated. The comprehensive degree and intelligence are not high, so wireless communication focuses on research in the communication industry in recent years. The wireless transmission technology of smart home systems mainly has ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave, such as Bluetooth smart light, LED controller, smart socket. These devices are developed by using Bluetooth or WiFi technology and have been penetrated our life.

Because of the popularity of Bluetooth, making Bluetooth control of the smart home system has more significant advantages than other technologies, and its low energy consumption, fast transmission, distance, and other characteristics. With the further development of wireless Bluetooth technology, product scale, and increasing maturity of technology and price decline, Bluetooth technology is gradually applied to the industrial and home industries. Wireless Bluetooth communication medium unique characteristics and advantages, so it can apply to the smart home information network flexibly.

Bluetooth technology is a wireless data and voice communication open global specification. It is based on low-cost proximity wireless connection for fixed and mobile devices to establish a communication environment of a special proximity wireless technology connection.
Bluetooth technology

Application of Bluetooth in smart home appliances

The home appliance system in a smart home is composed of five parts: lighting control, smart wear, audio and video entertainment, smart switch, and smart home appliance.

The Bluetooth lighting control system uses smartphones to realize the light switch control, color control, brightness control, and the timing function to control the light action. For example, Bluetooth LED controller, Bluetooth Mesh LED controller.

Smart wearable devices refer to smartwatches, smart phones and other wearable electronic products. Using low-power Bluetooth communication technology to detect the temperature, humidity, lighting and other data of the environment, and use wireless transmission technology for security alarm.

Bluetooth LED controller is a built-in low-power smart Bluetooth chip, using Bluetooth protocol, support voice control switch, with high reception sensitivity, to achieve real-time operation, Controlled by smartphone.

The main features of low-energy Bluetooth.

  • High reliability: fault tolerance detection, correction, data coding, and decoding, data noise addition, frequency hopping.
  • Low cost, low energy consumption: single-mode chip with a few external resistive devices to form a filter circuit and PCB antenna can be deployed network nodes, compared with traditional Bluetooth power
  • consumption reduced by 90%.
  • Fast start, instant connection: standard Bluetooth starts slowly. The new version is an almost instant connection
  • High security, significant transmission distance

Bluetooth chip determines the entire Bluetooth controller experience, a high-quality Bluetooth controller mainly shows the following aspects:

  • Bluetooth controller and smartphone connection time
  • The number of intelligent voice devices supported
  • Dynamic change of the pattern of the light strip after the Bluetooth controller is connected to the light strip.
  • Bluetooth Mesh technology, this Bluetooth mesh controller can be connected to 64 LED controllers and powerful Bluetooth Mesh technology, which significantly improves the use of the light band.
  • Cloud server

The advantages of Bluetooth:

  • Zigbee module is more expensive than Bluetooth, and low cost is an essential advantage of Bluetooth, which can quickly occupy the mass market.
  • Like smartphones, smart audio and other embedded systems are integrated with Bluetooth modules, the cost of Bluetooth modules is very low, resulting from the industry chain’s maturity.
  • Bluetooth is a mature and robust standard and open protocol.
  • Bluetooth bandwidth is larger than Zigbee. For example, Bluetooth 5.0 up to 24Mbps, can cope with some high traffic scenarios and maintain low energy consumption.
  • Bluetooth mesh network is self-organizing and supports multiple mesh node relay modes to improve Bluetooth devices’ coverage.

    bluetooth smart market
    (Image from Grand View Research)

With the popularity of network technology and automation technology, fragmented, single-function home appliances will be gradually eliminated, smart home networks, the smart home will become the mainstream of future development. The initial Bluetooth transmission data makes Bluetooth technology widely used in smartphones, and then to the popularity of Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth wireless mouse, and then to the most popular Bluetooth smart home system, Bluetooth on people’s lives generated by the convenience of self-evident, in the future of the smart home using Bluetooth will bring great convenience to users.

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