Trends You Need To Know Smart Light Bulb

Trends You Need to Know Smart Light Bulbs

The concept of smart home has been around for many years, and when Zuckerberg showed his artificial intelligence in the video, many people had the urge to buy themselves a smart home. In fact, when you really go to find some smart home products want to experience only to find that it seems that only smart light bulbs can be used directly.

The experience of using smart light bulbs

Imagine turning on your home’s lights through the APP on the way home.

Open the door and see the home’s lights have been lit for you, can unload the fatigue in a second.

During the day, you will do various things at home, need different lighting effects to help, the lights say change, say off, can make life easier. For example, rest in bed, look at the phone, really do not want to move, then you need to say “turn off the lights”, all the lights will automatically turn off.

After leaving the house, you no longer have to worry about whether the lights are forgotten to turn off; just open your smartphone, you can turn it off with one click.

Smart light bulbs guard you and want to experience smart life, first from the smart light bulbs to start.

Smart light bulb become the mainstream of smart life

With the advancement of Internet of Things technology, smart voice technology, simpler, more comfortable, more humane through voice recognition control of home smart life is becoming mainstream.

Smart light bulbs, the first thing to meet the lighting and energy-saving needs while having different lighting effects; and as a smart light, for the smart part of the embodiment of networking capabilities, remote control, linkage with other intelligent devices, support music playback and alarm clock reminders, with self-learning capabilities and human interaction (voice recognition) of intelligent lighting equipment, is an important part of the smart home.

For the common smart LED lights, the working principle is to use wireless technology to connect the smart LED lights with the smartphone APP, through the APP or remote controller to pass the command to the control chip, and then by the control chip according to the corresponding instructions to operate.

The smart LED bulb can be controlled remotely through the wireless connection function. Users can quickly and easily adjust the color and brightness of the light through the APP. Current products have tended to use the Bluetooth + Wi-Fi module integration design. In other words, the smart light bulb can be controlled by Wi-Fi, but also supports Bluetooth mode.

How to achieve voice control of smart light bulbs

Direct voice control of the light on and off, you can also change the color, adjust the brightness of the light, and set a variety of modes, which is very convenient.

The working principle is to collect the sound through the microphone. The built-in voice recognition algorithm to identify the voice words has been calculated in advance and then through the MCU to control the corresponding instructions. The core thing is that you must train the command words through Ai intelligent algorithm, and at the same time to consider the voice recognition distance and accuracy, and at the same time to do voice noise reduction recognition, otherwise, the recognition rate will also be poor!

Many on the market are playing voice recognition switch on or off the light, but there is still a big difference in use, which is the difference in technology.

Benefits of smart bulbs

. Convenience

With smart lighting, even if you are not at home, you can control the lights hands-free or use the App on your smartphone by automatically scheduling most daily lighting functions.

. Lower energy consumption

Using Energystar certified smart LED bulbs will save around 90% of electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

. Improve bulb life

LED lights not only save electricity but also last longer, with many smart LED lights lasting up to 50,000 hours

. Provide security and protection

Installing smart lighting can help make your home more secure while on vacation or working late at the office, even when no one is home, making your home appear occupied, misleading burglars, and reducing the likelihood of theft.

. Create customizable ambient lighting

Depending on the user’s mood or the occasion of use, use the smart LED bulb to create a fully customizable lighting scene. Control with voice commands or APP, from homework to dinner to watching a movie to going to bed without touching a light switch or getting up from the couch.

Humans have different emotional as well as psychological responses to light, intense, quiet, dynamic, and gentle, and lighting is the light that lights up the mood.

Want to make light more personal care of your life, you need smart bulbs.

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